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In addition to standard marking capabilities, Laser Dynamics also can mark a wide variety of bar codes types. We currently have the ability to laser engrave 22 code types in our software including Data Matrix codes, UPC codes, Dot codes, PDF codes, EAN codes, QR codes and of course standard bar codes. We have the ability to read each coded part that has been marked with a Motorola bar code scanner and log each part ran into a software program for later analysis and/or quality control checks. These files can be made available to the customer at the customer’s request.


We use world-class laser systems, which incorporate the latest software, which is upgraded periodically to recognize the latest file types. We have over 1300 fonts at our disposal and can import specific fonts that we may not have if needed. We also laser mark Company Logos, Specialized fonts, and do Serialized Part Numbering. Our capabilities are limited only by our customer’s imaginations.

Laser Marked .002 inch thick Stainless Steel Laser Marked .065 inch Diameter Thin Walled Tubing Laser Marked 17-4 Stainless Steel Part Laser Marked 2 mil Stainless Steel Laser Marked Laser Marked Black Acetal Polymer Laser Marked Black Acetal Laser Marked Black Anodized Aluminum Laser Marked Pet tag Laser Marked Black Thermoplastic polyurethane Laser Marked Blue Silicone Rubber Laser Marked Clear Polycarbonate Tubing Laser Marked Cream Colored ABS Plastic Laser Marked Green Silicone Rubber Handle Laser Marked Stainless Steel Laser Marked Oxidized A2 Tool Steel Laser Marked QR code on black anodized aluminum Laser Marked Scale on White HDPE Tubing Laser Marked Scale on White plastic Laser Marked Silver Anodized Aluminum Cylinder Laser Marked Stainless Laser Marked thin stainless steel Laser Marked White plastic tubing Laser Marked white plastic Laser Marking black anodized aluminum Laser Marking on white silicone tubing Live Laser Marking thin walled tubing laser marking of stainless steel
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